Valentine Genelot is one of the contestants of the Cross-border Design Contest. She tells us something about what inspired her to create a design for the Cross-border Design Contest.

“I initially started to think about the concept of the border – which would be a line that could act as a separation but as well as a point of junction. I found this idea quite interesting and started to think of how I could translate that into knitted pieces (I specialised in knit); so questionning the idea where spaces goes from bonded together to separated. I tried to develop a knitting that could reflect in the same knit that binary state – so some kind of padded/quilted fabric, where the narrative would be the texture. The pictures show the test of the technique I developed; in the final pieces I don’t want the inner pattern to be that symetric but more to recall the different codes we use in cartography to signify borders (so dots, rectangles, more or less continuous lines…).

I wanted to create surfaces that could serve to put on furniture (sofas or chairs) as well as carpets for the floor or also transform itself in wall isolation. By inserting magnets on the edges of these knits and playing with the pattern as well as the shaping. I was thinking of designing two or three modular pieces. I still need to figure out the pattern and the precise use of the knitted material to knit the piece following the function it will have.”