• 24 OCTOBER 2016

    All participants will be invited for a two-day visit to the province of Limburg to gain inspiration. The first day will start with a master class by Ron Arad, after which the participants will become acquainted with the (design) culture of Limburg. The day’s programme also includes a visit to Leolux. An informal gathering is planned for the evening; offering participants an opportunity to taste and enjoy the good life in Limburg. On the second day of the visit, 25 October, the participants will be able to visit the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven at their own pace. The trip is a full package; travel and accommodation (two nights) will be arranged at the expense of the organisation.

    Masterclass by an inspiring designer. Soon more information.
  • 28 FEBRUARI 2017

    All participants have until 28 February to work on their design. All items must be submitted to the organisation no later than 28 February, 17.00 p.m. to the following address: Connect Limburg Marked: Cross-Border Design Contest Steegstraat 5 6041 EA Roermond The Netherlands
  • 17 MARCH 2017

    The jury will announce the five nominations for the award on Friday 17 March.
  • 30 MARCH 2017

    The ultimate winner will be announced. Location: Leolux in Venlo. All contestants will be invited to celebrate with us.